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For foreign partners

AVIST is a Russian software company. It was founded by a group of young and creative people.

Although it has been operating for only a year now, it can already claim some sizeable implementations of its solutions for strategic businesses on the Russian market. In its operation, AVIST is trying to emulate such companies as Trolltec or MySQL.

Besides producing commercial solutions, it shares its products with the Open Source community.

The founders of AVIST, as well as its employees, have been using and supporting free software for many years now. A significant number of programms and systems created AVIST are built with the use of the Qt library, PHP, MySQL, Linux. In view of how many positive things come from the Open Source movement, AVIST gives the Open Source community access to its products, along with detailed documentation, descriptions, and application manuals. Our solutions based on native OS and Web-technology.

Oncurrently, in its portfolio, AVIST possesses products for miscellaneous applications: CRM, ERP, NAS system, electronic documents archive, document circulation system, and brokerage reporting systems. AVIST also provides translations of your software into Russian language.

For more information about AVIST's work, please visit the http://www.avist.biz website.

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